The 11 Skincare Apps You have to Download Today

It keeps your insides from receding. Dry heat combined with blasting cold winds mixed with heavier, dense fabrics and tights is a recipe for dehydration and dryness, which usually means it's time to maintain the process of exfoliation to prevent irritation and flakes. Shaving is an excellent way to exfoliate. The gentle removal of lifeless skin along with unwanted hair is a double duty feat of beauty that yields soft, healthful looking skin.10 winter skin care tips
As well as washing and wiping the genitals, boys should become concerned with the kind of underwear and pants they wear. Underwear or pants should not be too tight, and they should be well ventilated to help come bacteria growth. If under garments gets wet or soiled, it should be transformed. Also, towels should not be shared since they can pass bacteria.
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In the event that you are cold or the skin on your hands and feet is definitely damaged, sleep in socks and gloves to protect them from moisture reduction and rubbing against the sheets through the night. You may also want to place a moisturizer on first (see below for tips on moisturizers). To avoid getting moisturizer in good mitts, consider wearing socks upon your hands instead.
Tip #7: Drink enough water: Winter may be the time when we fail to consume enough water as we usually do not feel thirsty. ‘Proper hydration will ensure that enough moisture and nutrients are sent to your skin. This means drinking around 8 eyeglasses of water is a must, ' says Dr Kiran Lohia, an US-trained MD specialising in dermatology. If you still aren't get to drink enough water, listed below are 7 ways to boost your intake of water.
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